Nava Gnessin Custom Woodworking

Nava Gnessin was born in Tel Aviv Israel, and she moved to America at the age of 18-years-old. She lived in California, Texas and New York City, and for the past 10 years she has resided in NJ. As a child, she was very interested in building projects and using her hands to put things together creatively. She often observed and helped her father in his downstairs shop.

"I believe in the green earth concept. I focus on using as many recycled materials as possible and trying to stay away from harmful and toxic materials. Most of my pieces are made using a combination of reclaimed wood and new wood. The reclaimed wood I use is mostly salvaged from old barns, torn down buildings or has been picked up on my travels along country roads in the Northeast."

"I use many different types of wood such as oak, hard maple, walnut, fir, pine, purpleheart as well as many more. The wood combinations I create all enhance the overall aesthetic of the finished product. I use different stains, paints and finishes to achieve the wonderful shades of color and texture that add the perfect touch to my pieces. Every piece is original and no two pieces are alike; they are rustic at times but striking in their own way. They look great in many different environments and can be displayed in any room. They add character to your home, office or storefront. All of the work is done by hand. There is no use of computerized equipment. Handcrafting allows me to completely control all of the subtle elements of each piece. I build furniture designed and handcrafted to enhance your everyday life. The furnishings in your home are a reflection of your personality. Let me create the perfect piece for your home. I also do custom work, so if you want something that you do not see in the gallery, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Nava was given a birthday gift from a friend in Manhattan to attend a woodworking class at the YWCA on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, and her true love for woodworking began. For her first project, she started with a solid piece of Mahogany wood and created a bathroom cabinet. Years later, she uses old wood that she retrieves with her pickup truck along the way and from friends' donations, as well as new wood. Today, Nava has many years of woodworking experience, and her work shows that she is a truly gifted artisan.

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