"Naidre's cafe (link) has a brand new display case in their store, and they're proud to show it off. Designed by Nava G out of reclaimed wood, it's stylish as well as environmental. Photos of the display being set up were posted to the cafe's Facebook page late last night and today the display is fully stocked and ready for business. The case features an iron accent over coppery colored wood and is both rustic and classic. More updates to the look of the eatery are promised, with plans for the tables to be redesigned to match. In the meantime customers can admire the case as they wait for their coffee and muffin."
- Lucrezia Wise, Yahoo! Contributor Network

"I purchased a dining room table from Nava G Design and it is by far the most stunning piece of furniture in my home! Nava's style is unique and authentic. Her craftsmanship is beautiful and she welcomed the opportunity to construct my table according to my own preferences of size and color. This piece is truly one of a kind!"
- Jessica, Long Island, NY

"From the moment I saw Nava's beautiful mirror, I knew I had to have it. The unique, weathered look of the piece is what drew me in, and the superb craftsmanship is what sold me. Nava is truly a gifted artisan. I love my mirror!"
- Jocelyn, Albany, NY

"I am a proud owner of a Nava Gnessin handmade cutting board. This is a beautiful piece of work that is both functional and highly attractive, earning a permanent countertop position in my kitchen. Nava's pieces reflect her understanding of the integrity of thewood she is using. She brings out the essence of the grain, the texture and coloration of the wood, its inherent natural beauty. She then finishes the piece so that remains a useful, practical cooking accessory.

There are subtleties in her cutting board that add to the uniquecharacter of the design, including the soft edgings around the outside and even in the cut-out of the handle. Her pieces are signed with her "Handcrafted by Nava G" stamp so that they also make wonderful gifts.

Nava is a very talented craftsperson, and I am sure that any of her pieces, small to large will be treasured acquisitions. I know, I treasure mine."
- Leslie, Croton on Hudson, NY

"I have been using the cutting-board Design by Nava constantly and I truly love it. It is thick and solid and yet light in weight, sturdy and yet elegant.Great statement for any gourmet kitchen. Thanks!"